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This is a development server where I validate ideas while making and break things. Make sure you understand that before continuing (especially the breaking things bit) and don't be supprised if you find a few bugs.

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HDDmon is a platform for monitoring the status and health of your harddrives. Harddrives have what is called S.M.A.R.T. (Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology) that tracks the drives performance and can warn of possible drive failure. But who checks that or what if you have a lot of drives?
HDDmon lets you monitor drives monitor all these drives remotly and all visible from a single dashboard.

Project Dragonfly
Why a Dragonfly? did you know they had full 360 vision. If you have a IoT sensor network don't you also want 360 vision of all your devices and data.
Project Dragonfly is a generic monitoring, reporting, management and control platform which supports sleepy battery powered as well as realtime bi-directional streaming devices.

Bearstrike game server
You have some Bearstike hardware you want to monitor, manage or configure?

Warranties and privacy policy
In short, none.
While best efforts are made services hosted on this server come with no warranties, this is a development server after all.
I also do not recommend you use this server for sensitive or critical data.